๐Ÿค‘STA Token Private Sale


How Does the Private Sale Work?

TradeSta are giving people access to participate in a private sale of the STA token. The tokens purchased during the private sale will be subject to a lock/vesting period of 12 months in total but the tokens are unlocked 25% at a time every 3 months.

What Will Happen To The STA I Purchase?

TradeSta has created a wallet specifically designed to store all STA tokens purchased during the private sale. The wallet can be found on STA Token Full Detail. During the sale cycle, TradeSta will transfer tokens from the owner wallet to the private sale wallet. This approach ensures complete transparency, enabling users and holders to monitor which tokens remain locked, regardless of the phase in which the STA was purchased.

How Do I Purchase STA during the Private Sale?

The process is very simple, on the home page of www.tradesta.io there is a contact form. Fill in this form and one of the TradeSta team will be in touch to go through everything personally with you. You will be given a Token Sale Agreement that will outline the amount purchased and the full unlock schedule.

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